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Digital Transformation brings about even more threats. The demand for Internet and computer connectivity has led to the integration of computer technology into products that have usually functioned without it, such as cars and buildings. Electricity supply, transportation infrastructure, military services and logistics – virtually all modern services depend on the use of ICTs. However, the growth of the information society is accompanied by new and serious threats.


1. Technology companies are under significant market pressure to innovate and move to market quickly, often at the expense of cybersecurity. In many industries, being “first to market” continues to take priority over being “secure to market."


2. They only need to be right once, while security defenders must be right all of the time. The attacker has the advantage. Some threats against organizations today are from teams composed of highly skilled attackers that can spend months, if not years, planning and carrying out an intrusion.


3. There is an old saying in the IT security industry that you do not want to end up on the front page. If you do, it usually means something bad happened



General Keith Alexandra Former head of NSA – We are Witnessing the greatest transfer of wealth in history.





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