A Holistic view to approaching Cyber Security and Cyber Crime    

The Cyber Ecosystem of Internet Protocol Resources attempts to provide a more holistic and unified view to our approach to cybercrime and cybersecurity. The map below attempts to highlight a variety of different levels of people, processes, technology and physical services that make up our cyber ecosystem, so that we can start to view the internet and its borderless security problems more broadly.

Addressing the challenges of the internet and securing it's resources.   
The Challenges of Internet Protocol Resources, Layer 1

When viewing the Challenges of Internet Protocol Resources, Layer 1, we are faced with a cyber ecosystem built with complexities, due to technological advances, globalization, international laws, and a host of other issues that are only magnified by a decentralized digital ecosphere. Internet innovation, digital transformation and the exponential growth of technology all contribute to the complexities of the Cyber Ecosystem of Internet Protocol Resources. The cyber ecosystem touches nearly every aspect of our daily lives from political, social, to economical, all heavily dependent on technology. The challenges of the digital environment are different than those of the physical world due to distance, proximity, and anonymity, so therefore the rules and typical models for addressing these challenges simply do not work. We are in a battle of defending against a cyber threat that is governed differently in regions around the globe. As we look at the wide range of challenges to cyber security, we must also stay mindful that technology has unintended consequences and that it can be used for good and bad, and at times we struggle to define the difference. Regardless of anyone’s views, my hope is that this discussion, the Cyber Ecosystem of Internet Protocol Resources, and our common conviction (to addressing this problem of cyber security) can help lead to a more successful conclusion on how to get there. The Internet is borderless, its security problems are borderless, therefore, any solution must be borderless.



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